Providing assistance to the affected families


With the support of Ma’an Developmental Action Center and in coordination with Al-Fajr Youth Association, during the past two days, bedding and nylon materials were distributed to 67 poor and marginalized families from Al-Mawasi and Nahr Al-Bared regions, which were severely affected by the recent depression. Responding to a distress call and appeal Al-Fajr Youth Association has contacted the Maan Developmental Action Center to provide the necessary assistance from non-food items to families affected by the recent air depression. Where the development work center “Ma’an” immediately responded to these appeals, and its crews, in coordination and cooperation with the work teams of the Al-Fajr Youth Association, distributed bedding and nylon materials to 67 affected families. The bedding materials that were distributed included covers, mattresses, pillows and mats, as the needs of the affected families were identified in the field. The administration of the Al-Fajr Youth Association, represented by Mr. Saleh Al-Astal, extends its thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to providing a helping hand to these families, especially the management and work team of the Maan Center, the staff and volunteers of the Al-Fajr Youth Association and the community activist, Ms. Tahani Al-Shaer for their efforts in serving our people and providing aid to families

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