Awareness and education program


Awareness and education program

AL-fajr Palestinian youth association

General goal

Raising awareness and educating members of the Palestinian society of the most important duties that lie on their shoulders and the most important rights that they can acquire and that enhance their social and economic empowerment.

Executed Projects:

  1. Workshops on gender-based violence.
  2. Workshops on the proper education of children.
  3. Workshops on safe farming.
  4. Awareness workshops about the Corona pandemic (awareness and guidance campaigns).
  5. Awareness workshops for the injured in the return marches.
  6. Awareness workshops to protect women from harassment.
  7. Awareness workshops on the role of women in society.
  8. Awareness workshops on rationalizing water consumption.
  9. Awareness workshops on domestic violence.
  10. Awareness-raising workshops on violence in times of emergency.
  11. Awareness workshops on preserving the environment.
  12. Awareness workshops on reproductive health.
  13. Awareness workshops on empowering youth as change leaders.
  14. Awareness workshops for mothers of orphans on care.
  15. Awareness workshops on integrative work.

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