About us

AL-fajr Palestinian youth association

About us

AL-fajr Palestinian youth association. is a non-profit civil association، It was established in 2002 and holds a license from the Ministry of Interior under No. 7230, and is registered in the Ministry of Development under No. 9082, and operates in Palestine – Gaza Strip – Khan Yunis Governorate. The association was established to contribute to providing due care to segments of Palestinian society, especially youth, women and children. This is in order to raise a promising and strong generation capable of realizing its hopes and aspirations to lead society and establish the principles of democracy and gender equality. By providing various educational, cultural, social, educational, psychological, relief, environmental, health and agricultural services. This is to contribute to alleviating the suffering and the resulting problems, whether at the individual or group level.

general goal

Empowering youth, women, children and all segments of society socially, culturally, economically and scientifically. Within specialized programs and distinguished community partnerships to develop and build the capabilities of community members. And contribute to meeting his needs by establishing the rules of equality, democratic values and societal justice.

special goals:

  1. Contribute to improving the economic situation of young people.
  2. Contribute to raising the economic level of women.
  3. Contribute to development the economic status of women and youth through the provision of small projects.
  4. Strengthening the role of youth and raising the level of social and educational awareness to enable them to play their leading role in society.
  5. Develop women and raise the level of their legal, social, educational and health awareness to enable them to play their leading role for the family and society.
  6. Strengthening the capacities of youth and women by providing psychological support and guidance.
  7. Providing care, psychological support, education and entertainment services for children and vanguards to prepare them for a better future.
  8. Building bridges of trust and communication with governmental and civil associations and institutions at the local and international levels.
  9. Develop and train employees to improve their professional skills.


A democratic Palestinian society based on empowered youth”


Al-Fajr Youth Association in Palestine seeks to build and develop community members within specialized programs and specialized community development partnerships.